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Dane Rudhyar – “This house-position of the Sun denotes the phase of individual selfhood and the period of the life in and through which the integrative power of the Self will be the most strongly operating.”



By Tracy Marks:

An important principle of depth astrology, which is really an extension of all its other principles, is that we can transcend our charts. We carry our natal charts within us all our lives, but as we develop a center within ourselves, learn to trust our inner guidance and become more attuned to universal energies, we are less at the mercy of the stresses indicated by our planetary positions.


By Amy Hitt:

The older I get and the more I “live” my own birth chart, the more I understand the karma attached to the Moon’s placement.  It’s important to discover where the Moon sits in your chart, so you can understand the karmic patterns you are living out.  Things that worked in a past life and no longer work as well in this one.  Things that can become a handicap to progress if you let them.

I’m not trying to be anti-the-Moon.  The Moon has its place and reason, but it carries with it burdens that must be cleansed. 

My Moon is in the 5th House of creativity, children and romance.  I have almost an unhealthy desire to “create.”  Like I don’t feel that I am enough in and of myself.  Creating comes very natural to me but, alas, hasn’t brought much fruit to my table.  I only hope that what I have stopped to create is in the process of cleansing any bad creative karma I hold in my life.

The best life would be one where the Moon’s karma is cleansed and its “needs” are served all at the same time.  As Alice O Howell would say…a life where the Sun and Moon are in bed together.  I will leave that for another discussion.

If you would like to know where the moon falls in your chart, please contact me.



In the book, Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements, author and counselor Stephen Arroyo suggests that the breakdown of Western culture has been caused by a dissociation between the body and mind.  Arroyo says except for a few exceptions, such as artists and mystics, most people have divided their intellect from their feelings and intuition.  He believes this to be the cause of most wars, environmental problems and economic crises.

How does this work?  Well, maybe you have the desire to quit your stable job, move your family across country and start a completely different life.  Instead, you stay where you are and become bitter.  Your bitterness causes anger…your anger causes destruction.  It is personal destruction that leads to impersonal wars, environmental problems and economic crises. 

I believe if logic impedes feeling, it causes energetic blockages.  If feeling impedes logic, it causes energetic hemorrhages.  More on that later.

I have watched examples of people who have done the daring deed of picking up and moving across country and their lives have been blessed by following of their intuition.  Imagine the amount of faith it takes to do this.

I, on the other hand, have also picked up and moved across country and things didn’t work out as well for me.  Today, I realize that while, faith IS an action…it is also tied closely to belief.

Matthew 9:20-22…

“Just then a woman who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years came up behind him and touched the edge of his cloak.  She said to herself, ‘If I only touch his cloak, I will be healed.’  Jesus turned and saw her. ‘Take heart, daughter,’ he said, ‘your faith has healed you.’ And the woman was healed from that moment.”

I think when moving I thought…”if I can just force myself to ‘act’ like I have faith…it will work!”  Thinking the act of faith was enough.  Wrong.  The courage to dive off the cliff is no guarantee that a net will appear, as some say.  Your jump MUST be coupled with a strong belief that a net will appear…or else you may fall flat on your face.

But where does this strong belief come from? 

Belief can come from experience:  “Last time I jumped, a net appeared.  Therefore, it will appear again.”  This is really “knowing.”  And it’s the strongest form of belief.

Belief can come from instruction:  If someone or something you trust wholeheartedly tells you a net will appear…your belief in the other person or things (like the Bible) may be strong enough to cause it to happen.

Belief can come from prayer:  If you have a strong prayer life, and you believe God will answer your prayers, your prayer may cause a net to appear.

Belief can come from intuition:  If you have tapped into your intuition, and your inner voice has told you a net will appear…and you have experienced several “net” synchronicities…your belief in your intuition and synchronicity may be strong enough to cause a net to appear.

Belief can come from a healthy love of self:  If you feel good about yourself as a child of God, if you are NOT filled with guilt and shame, then you may believe in yourself and feel worthy enough for a net to appear.

I personally believe that you need the last four to create the first one.  If you have rid yourself of guilt and shame, sincerely prayed and learned to follow your intuition…along with studying authentic instruction of some sort…ALL may lead you to the desired experience…thereby creating knowing.

I am a tester…and this is not always a pleasant thing to be.  But, I desire “knowing” to that extent.

Logic is the tool that limits us, gives us steps and structure.  Too much logic leads to overwhelming fear…which impedes progress and causes blockages in your life and energy system.  Logic will keep you stuck in your seat.

Feeling is what drives us passionately to change and experience and live life.  If taken to extremes, it may lead you into reckless, dangerous behavior.  It may cause hemorrhages, so to speak, that deplete your energy system and your bank account.

Logic coupled with feeling gives us balance…the use of both our left brain and our right brain, our male and our female…causing us to create…even giving us a touch of genius!  And, the daring to explore under the guidance of a plan…a controlled burn.

If the forest doesn’t periodically burn the underbrush naturally with small fires caused by the sun (and sometimes firemen)…the underbrush grows and grows…and then when lit by nature or man it causes destructive fires that burn miles and miles of wilderness.

Today, consider what controlled fire might need to be started in your life.  Consider steps you can take to build your belief and active faith.  Consider how you might bring balance to the amounts of your logic and feeling.

Today, let’s pray for peace, a clean world and prosperity for all.


Do you ever think about what it is exactly that gets under your skin the most?  You might think it is many things, but could it be just one?

The placement of the Moon in your birth chart is where people learn that they can “get your goat”.  That’s where they “stick it to you” when they want to pull you down and even the playing field.

For example, maybe your Moon is in the “First House” of “Identity”.  If someone wanted to poke you for some reason, they might tell you, “You look like you’ve gained some weight.”  Moon in the First will draw in criticisms about the way you look or appear to others.

Unfortunately, and to no fault of their own…it’s just the way it is, the Moon is closely tied to your mother figure.  Mother by definition is the one person who knows us best…our strengths and our weaknesses.  An evolved mother will understand their power and use it wisely.

So, if you find yourself upset today, you might just think back to any comments that have been used to bring you down…and understand that that’s just your Moon talking…and mostly it only reflects the way you feel about yourself.

It might be time for a self-image overhaul.  Our own thoughts are the most damaging.  Understand the power of your own thoughts and use them wisely.



Astrology hooked me over ten years ago.  And not because of newspaper horoscopes…although I usually read them.  To this day I will admit daily planetary transits are on my back-burner.  My passion lies in the study of the personality.  What makes me and certain people alike while I am so different from others?  And how do all these different types of people learn to get along?

The story of your life is detailed in your birth chart.  The actors, rolls and backdrops and how each relate to one another…all sit neatly displayed in a twelve piece pie.  And each pie is very different.  You might be of the same personality type as someone else but the truth is you are unique…together we make snow but separately we are snowflakes…and no two of us are exactly alike.

That is the part of astrology that hooked me so many years ago.  I longed to understand my own personal hero’s journey…its plot and players…I wanted to discover the map so navigation would be a little easier.

I have been blessed with many resources and teachers of the science of astrology, which has stood the test of time.  I will be using this blog to share my take on this ancient wisdom.  I hope you find it helpful.

Thank you for stopping by!

Amy Hitt